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Coming down to my hobbies, interests and how normally I pass my free time.

As many of you would be thinking I have a lot of free time. What normally would I be doing in that ? (SHUT UP.....I donot fill myself up with food in that free time)

Well, that is the time I explore my interests: computer games, manage my MP3 collection and break sharewares.

Games are the my biggest assets. I have a huge collection of computer games (Now, don't start asking for CD's............!!!), the biggest and the best. I have been playing games since I was 3. I used to play games at video game parlors at that age. Everyday I used to spend 10 Rs. only on video games (a 15 minute game would cost 1 Rs) I still remember my first game was "Super Mario Brothers", and I didn't last even for 1 minute in that game. As it is said "Practice makes a man perfect", I soon became champion of all the games available at that time. As my orgasm for games rose, I forced my parents to purchase a Media TV Video Game Console & Atari for me. What after that...., a few months later I was asked to put on spectacles by the eye specialist.

Grown up, my Video game console gathered dust. I now had more exciting, true to real and virtual reality games every month. I bought a PC, with 64 MB 3D-Accelerator graphics card. Powerful enough to play latest 3-D Games. I like to discuss latest games on the block, strategy, tips and tricks. If you too are interested then mail me , but Yaar, don't ask for any CD. My ranking for best ever games I played in my life are:

Grand Theft Auto-III (All versions)
FIFA 2002
Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines
Cricket 97

I like collecting MP3 music files also. I don't really go ga-ga over music files. But I like to listen them when I am alone, in the night when I am working and early morning bhajans. Reason for probably not being too much interested in music may have to do with the quality of music that exists these days. My choice for songs is also unique, I like to collect music files, which are not loved by everyone, but the songs which seldomly one has heard off. French Music, Italian Music, German, Spanish, Sufi e.t.c, my collection doesnot include any of these. But plain bollywood hindi songs.

My third favorite past time is cracking sharewares (If you are unfamiliar with technical word cracking, Read Security Tips & Tools). It started as a necessity (Read How all this started, but at present it has assumed big proportion. With most of my friends, asking me to crack major business purpose softwares. I am still a novice in cracking as Cracking world wide has assumed huge proportions. Crackers world wide operate in groups, as a single team which make it easy for them to learn new things and break every shareware. Anyway I am not really worried as they all work as professionals, And here I don't earn even a old penny.

If I am free from all the above, I generally surf the Internet (this is the POOL of knowledge) and FILL MYSELF UP WITH FOOD.

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