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I created this tutorial for informational purposes only!
Much of the information in this document can be used to perform illegal activities!
Don't attempt to do anything stated in this document!
If you do attempt to do anything, you are solely and fully responsible for what you do!
If you get caught and get in any kind of trouble, it's your own fault!
If you don't agree to this, do not read any more! Close this Link
If you crack a program, and either sell the crack or offer it for free, it is a crime!
You can crack to expose the flaws, or for your own deeper understanding, but nothing more than that.
As you would know from my link on hobbies, I am a game freak. I started cracking more out of necessity. When I was in Standard 12th. I was given a game CD by one of my friends. Game being "Cricket 97". Which is one of my favorite game. The game was fantastic, but there was a problem. The game would run only from CD. Which meant I needed to get that CD burnt to continue my game interest (CD'R were expensive that time and it was tough locating a CD-writer. In the meanwhile I happened to find a software that could create a virtual CDROM drive in your OS. This software can then simply use an ISO image of the CD to load data. My problem was resolved to some extent. But Virtual Drive software had one hitch. It was a shareware and not a full version, and would run for only 21 days. After which I had completely format my system and re-install that software again. To make that software work for me permanently, I had to break it.........!!!!!!!
I learned cracking from tutorials. The majority of the cracking tutorials out there have a few disadvantages: either they are too long and contain a lot of garbage, or they are too short, and don't contain the basics. I really had to devote a lot of time to find the right stuff. From now on, I will take up this fantastic pastime of cracking. BUT!!!!   I repeat, if you crack a program, and start selling the cracked version or even offering it for free, it is a crime!
Let's explore the various types of software available on the Web, depending upon their cost:
Freeware: These software are free, but you cannot modify them without the consent of the author.
Shareware: These are typically try-and-buy software. You can try the app for a few days (usu. a month), but after that you have to pay for the software.
In many cases, the software gives you an option to become the owner of the software, usually by means of a registration key.
So how many times have you wanted to make that software yours for free? Wouldn't it be great if you had got the registration key yourself? The answer is, you can get the key. In techies' parlance, you have to crack the program. Welcome to CRACKING !
So what is Cracking ?
Cracking is modifying your programs, and making them work they way you want them to.(thus normally we want the program to work without any limitation of period e.t.c). U can get a free demo program, crack it, and use it.

Limitations in sharewares can be classified depending upon their protection. Now let's see how we can crack them, in a very brief way:

Serial Software: In these, the programmer can have these methods:

  • He has a database of valid serials, and will have a procedure to compare your key with his database

  • He has a special algorithm which generates a key for your user name.

Time Limit Software: In these, the coder can have these methods:

  • He has a procedure which checks your system date

  • He has a procedure which picks randomly a file from your system for date stamp

In either case we have to see what the procedure does in order to crack it.


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