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Welcome to Homepage of ANURAG JAiN
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Hi,I am Anurag Jain......
Yes, you guessed it right, your's own Anurag Jain resident of Vasantkunj New Delhi, India. Its been a long time that I had been planning to keep a homepage of mine (I, first dreamt of keeping a homepage way back in 1997). Finally, it's here. But it was not easy...
There were a lot glitches. Firstly, I had to have a basic understanding of Markup Language (HTML). For resolving this I joined NIIT (National Indian Institute of Technology), where I became familiar with Internet Tools, technologies and how best Internet can be put to use
After understanding the fundamentals of Internet programming, I reached to Internet once again to learn advanced HTML........!!!!
Second glitch was taking out the time out of my busy schedule of University studies and part time work....So for a brief period my homepage went for a long sleep (much like kumbhkaran)
My dream of having a homepage woke up again. This time after I had landed a job with TATA Infotech Limited. But again buying time was a constraint.
Thirdly, I wanted inspiration. Like I wanted my page to be ranked in top 10 when Google is queried for any keyword synonym to ANURAG JAIN. So I had to learn web promotion. So in came great help from one of my friends Monu (Manmeet, Read more about him in Friends)
Understanding and learning promotion came for hefty price. No, I didnot had to pay Sardarji any penny, but I had to crack a load of software for him and his chain of friends (Its good to be ethical hacker/cracker. But I did this for fun. I enjoyed every bit of cracking security codes (More in Security Tips & Tools)
Finally, I made up my mind, I started writing this matter for my home page.....
Get every bit of detailed information about me. Choose one of the following links to continue....
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                                                      -SECURITY TIPS & TOOLS (The ethical cracking)
For any queries on security and ethical cracking (cracking is more sobre then hacking) or general queries on network, system or..........Yes, games. I am freak about games (See Hobbies) do mail me  ............CHEEERRSS!!!

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